Free Jewellery Cleaning

We charge nothing for cleaning from customers who believe in maintaining their possessions at their finest. We offer these as value added services, also applicable to non-Bharat Jewellers jewellery. Our specially designed “Karigar” room facilitates FREE Jewellery Polishing & Cleaning. Our “ Karigar” is also skilled at carrying out minor jewellery repairs.

Free Jewellery Polishing

You can give your pieces the smooth, fine finish they deserve with the assistance of our jewellery polishing experts.We offer jewellery polishing as an added value service for non-Bharat Jewellers’ jewelry. Free jewellery polishing is available in our specially designed “Karigar” room. Our “Karigar” is also capable of performing minor jewellery repairs.

Free Gold Purity Check

We perform FREE gold purity check on gold jewellery for customers irrespective of where they buy their jewellery from. To make this happen, we use computerized X-Ray machines to determine the percentage of gold in your jewellery. Our equipment ensures an accurate reading regarding the purity of gold in your jewellery.

Customized Jewellery Designs

We put our customers above everything else. We are ardent believers in thorough customer satisfaction and hence, design pieces accordingly. We manufacture jewellery solely based on our customer’s preferences. Our design studio is where you can let your creative juices flow and play a part in creating a memorable piece you will cherish for a long time.